Cloud Based Backup For Small Business

Enterprise-grade data loss protection at small business prices

Cloud Backup Setup & Support Services

If you’ve ever lost work when a server crashed, you know the frustration of not having a convenient backup that’s easily accessible. Now, imagine if all your business data is corrupted due to malware or a flood destroys your hardware, and you lose everything. Your data is the most valuable aspect of your business, and in order to stay productive and operating, you have to be able to access it.

A10CyberWorks offers a cloud-based backup and disaster-recovery-as-a-service plan that provides a secure, easy-to-access solution to recover your data in a matter of minutes or hours. By creating a completely deduplicated copy of your business both locally and cloud-based, all of your files, applications, customer data, and anything else you may have stored can be recovered easily, allowing you to get back up and running with minimal hassle. This solution is an all-in-one option that lets you stop worrying about using expensive recovery software, compression hardware, and other backup services because we can take care of it all.

You'll instantly receive automated email alerts if a job doesn’t complete properly. In the event of a failure, a service ticket will be opened in A10CyberWork's support system and our technical support team will be ready to recover your data in place or another location. Contact us for more details.

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